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 Ambient Wood Revealing the hidden properties of Eco MDF
Medium Density Fibreboard (MDF) infiltrates our interiors. However, harmful to work with and live around, its presence in our homes appears paradoxal. As well as being the core of most of the affordable items of furniture we own, MDF is considered as a cheaper version of wood, portraying it as a disposable material. Dull and ordinary, MDF isn’t seen as valuable. Yet, its use is not going away.
MDF Ecologique - Natural Beeswax - Pigments
Through « Ambient Wood », I am exploring the unknown qualities of MDF and its unconsidered features. Simply recognised for its practicality and stability, I am fascinated by its smoothness, its texture and elegance. Usually hidden between plastic laminates, I envision the future of MDF to be more valuable, by revealing its aesthetic properties. By using MDF Ecologique, a formaldehyde-free version of the material, I hope to change the ways we use MDF by showing alternatives. It is everywhere, so let’s use it in a more long lasting way.
Treated like precious wood, the thin MDF veneer is coated with natural beeswax and pigments . The hidden qualities of the material are showcased through the simple shelves, low tables and wall panels.
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