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 Circular Fibres
A range of textiles, made of 100% recycled fibres, for use in the home or any other interior application, such as upholstered fabrics, wall hangings and blankets. The textile industry is the second most polluting industry on the planet. Most end-of-life textiles are shredded and repurposed into materials of low value, such as carpet liners, insulation or movers’ blankets. Charlotte Cazals challenges our mindset by showing the potential of recycled fibres. Charlotte designed a range of textiles that showcase the aesthetic qualities of the fibres, highlighted in random patterns sprinkled on the surface. They are finely quilted for more durability and embroidered with colourful touches. More than half of fast fashion is dumped in less than a year. The textiles were produced with the help of ENKEV, a company that processes natural fibres.
By repurposing end-of-life textiles into a new product, I aim to challenge the mindset towards recycled textiles, and show the potential as well as the necessity of its reuse. Produced with the help of ENKEV, the textiles showcase the aesthetic qualities of recycled fibres, highlighted in the colourful and random patterns sprinkled on its surface, revealing the origin of the material in use. The base is made of 50% recycled cotton fibres and 50% recycled polyester.
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