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Modul is a flexible preschool classroom system which allows the user to adjust the space in different ways at different times. Today’s preschool classrooms seem static and unadapted to children’s and teachers’ needs. I want to emphasise the importance of an organised and well designed classroom environment in the development of childhood and as a way to learn responsibilities.
Modul’s main characteristic is flexibility. It is composed of three blocks, one for resting, one for playing and one for concentrating. The wall partitions are mobile and will allow the educators to change the space when needed, they are made out of materials such as felt, practical for its resilience as well as thermal and sound insulation. The furniture is lightweight and allows the child to be in charge of his/her own activities and environment in a playful way.
The simple aesthetics of the model emphasise the importance of natural materials for a child’s environment, and is also a way to allow the child to fully take ownership of the space. Modul aims to accommodate the reality of education through space, and teach children responsibility in a different way.
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